Big Idea
We are proud of the foods we source for you from around the world. But that doesn't mean we are perfect! There must be some fantastic products and flavours that you enjoy that we don't know! Help our snack community grow bigger by sending us your 'big ideas' from your favorite products to products you would simply like to see on our store. We will try to make it happen for you! Besides, food can be a great way to share your story, why not let more people share your gourmet taste :) Can't wait to hear from you!

About Us
Wainut is formed by a group of young and passionate talents from the UK and Asia. Our little healthy snack world was built from scratch in 2015 by our adventurous foodie friends; We have a street artist, an electronic engineer, a private wealth manager, a law student, a fashion PHD, an investment expert and a professional poker player! Yes that’s right, that’s how diverse Wainut is! We love quirky things and aim to create a joyful food experience that also treats you to a bit of fun!. We are Constantly seeking the world’s finest and most unique snacks, so bringing them to you is sometimes difficult, but you are worth it! You wont find some of our products in your local supermarkets, cuz we just love to support small authentic producers as well as making our products tickle your tastebuds we also offer alternative treats for the more picky foodie! Ditch your old cookies and crisps, Enjoy an exciting new adventure with Wainut.
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